Romanian Certification Services

We can issue your Romanian translations with a range of certification types, depending on the document type and the level of authentication required.

We offer a range of certification services encompassing all types of documents and all required levels of authentication. The range of services is detailed below and includes legalization and notarization. Our certified Romanian translator is registered with the Romanian courts and the Department of Justice, and therefore can issue translations with both Irish and Romanian certifications. She can both prepare and certify all our translations ensuring the fastest return time of your documents and the utmost confidentiality.

Please click here for more information on our range of translation and document preparation services.

Certification of document translations

Your documents are certified by our translation agency or by the translator themself to attest to the accuracy of the Romanian to English or English to Romanian translation, and that the translation is a true representation of the original document. We can provide both Irish and Romanian certifications, a service unique to us in Ireland.

The cost of certification is included in the translation of the document, although an extra levy may apply if you require certification of additional copies of the translation. Please click here to see our competitive prices.

Additionally, the signature of the translator may be authenticated by a solicitor or notary. The translator will sign the translated document which is attached to a copy of the original and to a statutory document in the presence of the solicitor or notary, who subsequently certify the authenticity of the translator’s signature. The cost of this certification will be between €15 and €25, depending on the certification seal required.

Document Legalization

To legalize a document, a solicitor or notary public certifies that the country of origination of the document is Ireland and that the document was prepared in this country.

Certification of True Copies of the Original Document

If required, we can certify that copies of any document are true and accurate to the original with which we were provided. This typically costs between €10 and €15, depending on the seal required.

Notary legalization of Romanian Documents

If the country in which the document is destined for use does not speak Romanian as the official language, a Romanian translation may require notarization (certification by a notary public). The document may also require authentication by Apostille stamp to be considered official in the destination country. Please click here for more information on our Apostille services.

Our partners abroad can certify, legalize or Apostille any document prepared in their countries for use in Romania, Ireland or elsewhere. Please contact us for a list of countries in which we can provide this service.

Our primary aim is to ensure you receive the highest standard of service at all times. We ask that you provide us with information such as the purpose of the translation and the type of certification you require so that we can ensure the most appropriate treatment of your document at all times throughout the translation and certification process.

We can only certify those translations which we have prepared ourselves. We can however validate a translation provided by someone else, and subsequently issue any certification of the translation listed above.

Recognising the level of certification required for each document type depending on the purpose for which the document will be used is a complex task, and one we have become expert in. If you are unsure of the type of certification most suitable to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email on

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